The 3 best new features in Axure RP

Axure RP is my go-to tool for creating (interactive) protoypes and wireframes for my projects. On April 15 2016, the latest version 8 was officially launched.

After working with the app for a couple of weeks here are my top 3 picks (and a surprising bonus) that dramatially improved my life as Experience Designer:

1. Interactive Groups

2. Snapshots

3. Team projects on Axure Share

In version 8, team projects can be opened really easy on (either SVN or) Axure Share. All you need is an account:

Bonus: Axure Share automatically publishes prototypes

When you use team projects that are stored on Axure Share, every checkin automatically publishes the prototype for you. No more manual — and separate — publish via Axure RP is necessary. What a timesaver!

I live in Melbourne and design user-centric solutions for large Australian companies.

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