Figma, I miss you

My work as a UX and product designer requires heavy collaboration between other designers, product managers, and developers. I recently changed job and therefore moved from Figma (back) to Sketch. I already miss it.

Bjorn Amherd
2 min readJul 22, 2020


Simultaneous collaboration in one file

Sketch is still file-based — even in Cloud-mode. When viewing a file on Cloud, you first have to download it (or open it in Sketch via file browser). But there is no logical link between the two platforms. Figma empowers a business to collaborate on designs without the need of checking in/out. Multiple people can work on the same page at the same time.

Working fully in the cloud

Sketch Cloud is just a file browser and viewer, but I can’t open a file directly from Sketch Cloud to start working on it. Downloading and syncing takes much longer in Sketch. In Figma, you can either work in a browser or with the app — everything just works.


Figma saves all the time, so hitting Cmd-S doesn’t even do anything. Sketch has to be prompted every time. If you want to close a Sketch Cloud document, one first has to confirm the “wanna save” dialogue and then wait for the sync to finish.

Linking directly to a page and/or artboard

In Sketch, I can only send a link to a specific Sketch file. In Figma, I can share a link to a specific page or a specific Artboard.

Everything can be a component

While you can also achieve that in Sketch, it’s much more elegant in Figma. This saves so much copy&paste and updating work.

Commenting anywhere on the screen

Sketch Cloud only allows for an overarching comment per artboard, there is no way of referencing an object/module that you’re commenting. In Figma, you simply click anywhere on the screen and start commenting in the right context. This is also handy in virtual 30/60/90 reviews.

Previews on mobiles



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