Experience Design — Must reads for June 2018

From time to time, I find useful and inspiring articles on the web.

In this podcast episode, an interesting piece of research is discussed. Researchers founded a company and hired people via Craigslist, with different copy for the adverts. Some adverts offered $11 for the job, some $15. Obviously, the latter increased the number of applications.

And in fact, when you go from $11 to $15, you actually raise application rates by about 33 percent.

More interesting was the other variant, where some adverts included CSR language, and some didn’t.

And when you compare the application rates to those two different jobs, what you find is the C.S.R. job attracts about 33 percent more in application rates, so it ends up being about the same as that wage increase.

I won’t comment on the content, but I found it really fascinating how The Guardian collated all research into this single comprehensive Pros vs. Cons video about bike helmets.

Great article that explains why it’s good to have a 8-grid system. Now all I have to to is to actually pay attention to my pixel-pushes in Sketch.

The majority of popular screen sizes are divisible by 8 which makes for an easy fit. Scaling by increments of 8 offers a good amount of options without overloading you with variables like a 6 point system, or limiting you like a 10 point system. Ultimately you have to decide what size is right for your audience. The “system” is only good if it is easy to follow and repeat.

I live in Melbourne and design user-centric solutions for large Australian companies.

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