Experience Design — Must read for September 2018

From time to time, I find useful and inspiring content on the web. This month with stories featuring Google, Intercom, iA, Amazon, and Nike.

Image by Google

FAST COMPANY: Why Google is the most important design company of 2018

CEO Sundar Pichai on Google’s design legacy:

INSIDE INTERCOM: GV’s Kate Aronowitz and Vanessa Cho on leading through design

They talked about how designers should be leaders and what role they have to play to “get a seat a the grown-up table”.

iA: Aesthetics

Oliver Reichenstein on how money changed the design game, and how beauty can’t be measured by numbers.

RECODE: Amazon is stuffing its search results pages with ads

Recode did a quick comparison between different search results pages for products on Amazon, and it is surprising how much content on the first page is actually sponsored.

Ad placements on SRPs, image by Recode.

MORNING CONSULT: Watch Nearly 2,000 Consumers React in Real-Time to Nike’s Kaepernick Commercial

The report also lists graphs by race and political affiliation — and here is where it get’s interesting.

I live in Melbourne and design user-centric solutions for large Australian companies.

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