Dear Zoom, prevent users from attending calls while driving

A Zoom meeting should not put you and your passengers in harm’s way.

Bjorn Amherd
2 min readSep 21, 2022
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It always alarms me when people at my company join Zoom calls while driving. I know why they are doing it — they have to drop off the kids, are running late from an appointment, or are out in the field and don’t come close to a desk or an office that day. All these reasons — in line with flexible ways of working — are good reasons not to attend a Zoom session.

Distracted driving behaviours are closely related to crash risk, with the use of mobile phones during driving being one of the leading causes of accidents.

What can Zoom do to counter this behaviour?

With ‘Safe Driving Mode’, Zoom already has part of the solution, but it’s not the standard, and users have to activate it to go from regular into this more dumbed-down version of Zoom. It strips the functionality all the way back to a pure old-school phone call. This removes chat, notifications, and video (viewing and sharing). But users still have to tap a button on the screen to speak — not great while on the road.

What can we do?

Lead with example. Don’t join meetings while on the go. Decline the session beforehand or inform the group that you will be driving, therefore not able to participate.



Bjorn Amherd

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